Monthly Archives: December 2011

An Honest Girl Is A Confident Girl

girls whispering

There is something to be said of girls who share. Who share the name of their go-to hair colourist, who share the name of that boutique where they got their to-die-for winter coat, who share their secrets, tips and tricks …

Friendships That Stand The Test of Time


We are all unique. We all have our quirks. Some might deter others from forming a relation of sorts with us, others might flock to these traits. When it comes down to friendships and relationships that stand the test of …

My How We’ve Grown

growing up

The thing with monumental dates such as a Christmas, a birthday, a New Years or some other specific date that has an affect on your life, is that they are ever-so-easy to recollect. For example, if I ask you to …