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I Know Who You Are

I Know Who You Are

‘You have a new Facebook Friend Request from…’ As you look over the name, a reel plays in your head. If you know them, you immediately think of times spent with them. If you don’t know them you try to …

The Downside Of Being ‘Liked’

The Downside Of Being 'Liked'

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. With good comes the bad, with ups come the downs. They call this balance, but us twentysomething women know it by it’s more realistic name: not fair. We …

You Stubborn Fuck

You Stubborn Fuck

Many of us hold on to our ‘do not’s’ so hard at the expense of taking care of ourselves and our true needs. Call this ‘being set in our ways’, but essentially it’s called ‘being stubborn’. Exhibit A: A friend …

Why You Should Never Get Involved In An On-Again/Off-Again Relationship

Check out my latest relationship piece for ELLE Canada, here.

Staylationships: Living Together, Though Not ‘Officially’

There is a new trend in relationships, one in which most twentysomethings are falling prey to. This my friends is the ‘staylationship’. To read more about this phenomenon, what it means and where it stems from, check out my debut …